Our team is constantly working hard behind the scenes year round to ensure we employ a full range of environmental measures to maintain the safe keeping of the land and the animals, flora and fauna that inhabit the Lost Paradise site.

Our aim to minimise any negative environmental impact of the festival. We have attempted to cover the main sustainable measures taken by Lost Paradise and our main suppliers, to reduce impact in 2019 and beyond.


To keep our Paradisian’s accountable we have introduced the Paradisian Pledge, a must-sign pledge for all Lost Paradise punters… coming soon for 2019.

“I will ensure our slice of Paradise remains safe, green and clean, actively respecting myself, others, and the land upon which we celebrate.”

  • Indigenous Elders Dance on the Main Stage at the Opening Ceremony of Lost Paradise NYE Festival with the Paradisian Pledge on the screen
The sustainability Earth Warriors cleaning up rubbish at the Lost Paradise NYE festival


The Earth Warriors are a force of elite trash hunters, conscripted to protect humanity and all lifeforms from the dangerous Waste Invasion taking place all over the world. They will be out in force at Lost Paradise 2019, mounting daily campsite cleanups and dance-floor patrols to make sure no Waste Invaders are allowed to escape. In particular, a D-Day campaign will be launched at the festival close to make sure no Waste Contamination is left behind.

Volunteer with the Earth Warriors



Green Connect are a non-profit organisation championing the reduction in landfill across a number of projects, including Lost Paradise. Last year, Green Connect kept 2653 tonnes of waste out of landfill across all of their projects nationwide.   They grew and distributed 20,628kg of chemical free food & employed 106 former refugees and young people!


To empower patrons to leave no trace, our recycling scheme offers the ability to recycle vessels you have purchased from the bars in return for a discount on other purchases at the event.   Simply return your vessel from the bar to a recycling tent located in the event village. In return for this you will receive a $1 discount off your next purchase via the cashless system. Win-Win!

Girl standing the urban legends lost paradise coach at Lost Paradise NYE festival


Its no secret the biggest culprit of havoc to the environment is CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Besides curating a line-up that comprises largely of local acts, meaning less international flight hours being clocked up, we pride ourselves on our wonderful track record of averaging 3.6 people per car coming into site!

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Rent a tent at Lost Paradise NYE festival


Tents being left behind at festivals worldwide is endemic. It’s reflective of the era of convenience we find ourselves in. This year we’re bringing back Rent-A-Tent. You hire a high quality budget tent with or without a mattress/bedding and simply arrive to site and leave site without needing to set up your own tent.

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Patrons filling up their reusable drink bottles at the free water station at Lost Paradise NYE festival


We have banned them back of house – this means artists, crew, staff will be using re-useable water containers. We hope we can lead by example and encourage others to minimise single use plastic water bottles and eventually ban single use plastics in their entirety. There are plenty of free water stations around the site, please bring your re-usable water bottle.


Be a good earthling and participate enthusiastically in our recycling program. Use the bins provided to compost and recycle as much as possible.



For your camping equipment if you bring it in please take it home! Leave space in your car to take your camping gear home, everything must go especially bulky items like tents, chairs, eskys and other camping equipment. A tent is for life not just for a festival…
Any other broken or bulky items can go into one of our landfill bins in the campsite.


Don’t let even small seemingly biodegradable ciggy / rollie butts hit the ground. Dropping litter is a mentality that creates social norms. We are in the midst of bush fire season so its not a good idea to throw anything flammable anywhere in our neck of the woods.


Festival Vision: 2025 is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry. It was conceived as part of The Show Must Go On report, a festival industry response to the 2015 global climate change talks in Paris. Lost Paradise has taken the Festival Vision 2025 Pledge! We aim to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual GHG emissions by 2025.

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