Our beautiful Shambhala Fields area has expanded this year and we’re so excited to unveil what we have in stall for you. With yoga, talks, workshops, wellbeing and indigenous experiences, Lost Paradise is so much more than just a music festival.

Shambhala Fields is about the coming together of wisdom keepers to share their lived experiences and teachings. Its our dream for people who visit Shambhala Fields to enter curious and leave inspired seeing the world anew.

Because of the growing interest in Shambhala in 2016, we felt the call to expand. This signifies our passion for creating a space in which we can all connect and we can’t wait to see this space continue to grow over the years.The expansion in 2017 will include our brand new Talks & Workshops tent. With three full days of talks & workshops on offer at this years festival, there’s something to spark everyone’s interest; We’ve got everything from belly dancing to bush tucker and a lot in between.

The Shambhala Fields Yoga Tent will be returning bigger and better this New Years. This year we’re bringing experienced yogi’s from around the globe – USA, NZ, BALI, UK, NEPAL to name a few.  We’re passionate about providing authentic teachers with lived experience and true ego-less pearls of wisdom to share.  This year our new yoga ‘shala’ (space) is being designed by award winning bamboo architects. From beginners classes to masterclasses – every Paradisian will find a class that will help them relax, rejuvenate and reconnect during their festival experience.

The third space, BOARDI, is the Aboriginal and cultural area of Lost Paradise. It is the spiritual centre of the festival, connecting everything at Lost Paradise to the sacred Peats Ridge Valley in which we are being held. Lost Paradise is passionate about acknowledging the first nations people of this country and are deeply grateful for their participation and willingness to share knowledge with us and everyone who comes to the festival. The BOARDI space will have ongoing activities all day, where we recreate an authentic community atmosphere. So come down any time between 10am and 8pm for an immersive experience. Whether that’s basket weaving, learning Aboriginal dance & yidaki (didge) or engaging in Story with Aboriginal elders.

We know that you’ll be as pleased as we are that the beautiful Medicine Wheel will be joining us again this year. With their team of therapists & healers, the Medicine Wheel will be offering everything from massages, to astrology & tarot readings –  they’re there to help ease sore bodies and soothe the soul.

Check out the sensational Shambhala Fields schedule for 2017 and take a glimpse into what the space looked like in 2016:

To experience all of this and more, snap up one of the final 3rd release tickets which are on sale now


  • “Lost Paradise was like a big backyard party that just spiralled out of control; in the best way possible. A beautiful setting, a lovely cool river to swim in (or to hold an unofficial mini rave, as the case turned out), an entire corner of the grounds devoted to yoga and meditation and relaxation, and barely a bright neon flashing alcohol sponsorship logo to be seen, it carried the casual and laidback vibe of a much smaller festival — while still attracting some of the country’s most exciting and beloved live acts.”


    “Lost Paradise is an experience that extends far beyond anything that could be promoted, advertised, or even expected. Quirky, eccentric, and so utterly unique, the adventure Losties holds for one is no same adventure for another. The festival itself is split into various sections that altogether provide an immersive experience for individual, couple and even family. Not only does the festival offer a chance to see internationally loved artists along with Aussie grown favourites, but includes mind, body and soul activities for the enjoyment and healing of all attendees; young and old.”

  • “Lost Paradise is the nuanced, well-rounded, quiet achiever of Aussie festivals; big enough to deliver on the great acts, but small enough to still have an air of intimacy about it.”


    “Fancy welcoming in New Year amongst a bunch of friendly, live music and yoga loving revellers? Then Lost Paradise is for you. Over three days an 8000-strong crowd of families, wellness warriors, nature-lovers and hipsters descend on NSW’s picturesque Glenworth Valley to experience a festival like no other.”

  • “This is Lost Paradise’s third year and while that’s quite young in festival years, they keep proving they mean business. Their ethos extends past music too and the festival — held in Glenworth Valley (just an hour north of Sydney) — is built around a mix of art, yoga, performance and food. Because there’s nothing like a little yoga to dust off a festival hangover.”


    “There are music festivals, then there is the mind-body-soul experience that is Lost Paradise.”

    – TIME OUT
  • “If you’re the adventurous type, being amongst the spectacular Glenworth Valley is heaven! Have a kayak… experience the spiritual realm in the Shambala tent. Throughout the festival there is always something great going on…”

    – MTV

    “Lost Paradise changed my life. I continually chase the feeling of community and friendliness it gives me. All my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it.”

  • “You’ve already made Lost Paradise great! I will be spending every New Years there, thanks the fantastic memories and a wonderful start to the new year.”


    “The food vendors last year were pretty much all you could hope for… lots of variety and not too expensive!”

  • “Keep doing what you’re doing! Such an amazing, intimate festival. Felt like everyone there was one big family. Had a really amazing feel – everyone was supportive and comfortable and wanted each other to have a fabulous time.”


    “Bars tucked away in the forest, spa treatments, and 7,000 beautiful humans partying to the world’s best musicians: Welcome to Lost Paradise, Australia’s answer to Coachella.”

  • “Lost Paradise is committed to giving punters a distinctly boutique experience, with an attendance of 8,000 punters, all getting lost in live music from some of the world’s most original musicians, food curated by Sydney’s top chefs, and more.”


    “All the elements are spot on – location, audience, line-up and weather. Wonderful memories of an inspirational festival.”

  • “I remember the first time I played this festival I went for a walk around and thought, ‘this is the kind of festival that if I wasn’t working at I’d go to’. Last year after I played I walked around out the front to see Motor City Drum Ensemble and my feelings were the same – I’d happily do it again…”


    “Lost Paradise has been and will always be such a special festival experience for me. I’ve never felt such a tight community vibe like that from a festival before. From the punters, the music and the staff, everything was beyond expectation. I’ll definitely be back as a punter as soon as I can.”

  • “One of the most magical spots we’ve ever played in Oz and a night complimented by generous staff and hospitality that really looked after us. A show we’ll never forget”

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