Tunes for the good times, tunes for the rough times, tunes that have stood the test of time. When The Kooks land on Australian soil this summer, they’re bringing all the grit, glory and jangling guitars of the indie britpop scene they’ve ruled for over a decade.

Whilst early hits like ‘Naive’ and ‘You Don’t Love Me’ have crystallised into classics, it’s the fresh cuts from their forthcoming new album Let’s Go Sunshine which prove The Kooks still know how to get right inside your head and heart with a few perfectly placed guitar strokes and the truth.

It’s been a long road, but as they sell-out arena tours and sit cosily in their familiar perch at the top of the charts, the adventurous outfit from Brighton can now strut with confidence in the iconic company of Oasis, BLUR and The Kinks. You’ll want to be there when The Kooks shake their shaggy manes and let roar on the agony and ecstasy of modern life.