• Mental Health Realness

    with Kath Ebbs


    Its time to have an honest chat about some stuff! … Here we talk my take on mental health, manifesting, anxiety, motivation, expectations and how they serve us, labels and the availability to reach our fullest potential at any given moment – in the most chilled Kath way there is! This is my un-sugarcoated reality of figuring out who the f we are in this crazy world. In the least ‘woo woo’ way there is!

    So what does the term “Mental health’ actually mean? It seems to be all the buzz at the moment but what the heck does it really stand for and what can we do to help our own? I plan to unpack this beast of a topic through getting vulnerable and sharing my own story, what I have learnt and ways I think we can use such emotions as a superpower tool in our life. I will also be chatting all things journaling, Manifesting, Visualising, how 20% of work may actually be all you need to real your goals, self care, stigmas and finding your flow. I hope to help take the pressure off , this crazy world can make us feel lesser than we should (which we should never). You also don’t need to be sitting at the top of a mountain, doing yoga, radiating positivity and blissfulness 24/7 in order to live a full life! Lets take the wellness warrior out of it and bring some realness back to the self help shelf! 


    About Kath Ebbs

    Kathleen Ebbs is a freelance blogger, writer, model, exercise instructor and small food business owner. Sydney born and raised, Kathleen’s journey began in 2015 at the age of 17 when she signed to a creative agency and began her modelling career at age 16. Around about the same time she also decided to start her business, “The Smoothie Bowl Shack” where she sells smoothie bowls at varies markets and event around Australia. Her website CallmeKath.com is another extension of her online presence. There she talks about more in depth about her personal tips on living a healthier, more fulfilling life as well as her weekly “Foodie Friday” recipes – taking a creative healthy spin on your normal ‘naughty’ foods. Best known for highlighting the importance of doing things on your own terms and never adhering to social normalities. This is credited in how she started a successful business in high school, was thrown head first into the modelling world at such a young age as well as her openness when talking about the hard hitting experiences she has had in living with mental illness all of her life. Kathleen continues to work encouraging and inspiring her online community, expanding her business and pushing for social change.

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