• Healing Arts: Treatments, Services & Readings

    in the Healing Haven


    Whether its a ‘post sleeping in a tent’ deep massage you’re after or a psychic to see into your future – the healing arts area in Shambhala Fields is the zen place to be.  Offering everything from reflexology and remedial massage to tarot cards, acupuncture and even ‘karma’ tattoos – this is defiantly a little slice of magical heaven worth checking out. Unlike the rest of Shambhala Fields, these services are not included in your ticket price and bookings (open at festival) are recommended as slots fill up quickly.

  • Zenthai & Remedial Massage

    Amanda Living

    I began studying with Gwyn in 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed offering Zenthai Shiatsu to people who are looking for support on their journey to better health, healing and vitality. My role in facilitating the healing process includes connecting people to their bodies and energy. As a therapist I also assist people to better understand their bodies and how they can heal themselves through mindful breath and movement.

  • Numerology & Astrology

    Callen Newby

    Callen is drawn to discovering knowledge through the subtle spiritual realm; learning to draw connections through the teachings of astrology and numerology developed over a number of years, offering perspective, guidance and clarity. Dedicated in his efforts to help others unveil deeper holistic understanding of the self, Callen guides people through the methodologies of numerology and astrology and offers practical steps to integrate this knowledge so we may become the greatest versions of ourselves. 

  • Intuitive Medium

    Chloe Rebellato

    Chloe is a multimodal intuitive therapist familiar with integrating a psychic understanding of the subconscious frameworks and patterns within the mind, body and spirit. A holistic approach to therapy includes understanding the spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of a persons experience. Chloe offers chakra realignments and assessments, activations and clearings, and releasing of energetic traumas and wounds. What is offered here is a unique opportunity to release, strengthen and support intentions moving forward into 2020. Chloe offers psychic development, and channelled readings for guidance and support for the next chapter and paradigm in your experience. Chloe’s work is best suited to those who are wanting to process a trauma or wound of any kind, those wanting to strengthen and understand the energetic systems of their body, mind and spirit, and for those wanting to seek intuitive guidance around their experience.

  • Zenthai Massage

    Denise Hook

    Denise is passionate about empowerment in health, wellness and vitality. She forms a deep connection with her clients to create a flow of movement therapy to nurture the spirit, relax the body and reawaken the natural healing processes. Her connection to the physical body structure and the energetic flow of the body creates a safe space for therapeutic treatment, relaxation and nurturing.

  • Oracle Card & Chakra Reading

    Clair Cooper

    Clair’s passion is to guide people to an innerstanding of the thought processes /patterns they frequently use that contributes to the decision making processes in their everyday life. This brings clarity of awareness and insight and will shine some light on more empowering options that they you innately have within. Come and explore your inner world of energy, your psychic potential, life purpose and clarify future path options. Clair uses a unique combination of cards including Archetype, Chakra, Angelic Realm, Animal Medicine, Crystal Divas, Baby Tarot and her personal favourite, Galactic Heritage.

  • Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping & Reflexology

    Gabriella Jaro

    I’m an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist with the additional qualifications of Massage therapy, Diploma of Beauty therapy and Yoga instructor. I have a wealth of knowledge with 35 years of experience, including 20 years on the Central Coast, in the holistic health industry. These years of experience have created a certain outlook and attitude in me towards health and wellbeing that I pass on to my patients and students. The philosophy that my clinic and one I personally strive towards is simple: “Use all my resources to create health, wellbeing and happiness for the person that needs it.” I use my dedication and expertise in the skills I’ve acquired to put together a treatment plan that will significantly improve your state of health and help you to stay there. 

  • Ink Devotion

    Heath Gay

    Heath Gay is a tattoo artist with 12 years experience. Over the years, Heaths skills and passion have led him toward designing tattoos with a deeper meaning, channeling sacred geometric images. Specialising in cover ups and scar free tattoos, Heath holds space for channeling intentions and creates a piece of art that represents a deeper meaning. Heath goes to great lengths to work with less privileged communities and founded a social enterprise in 2017 called beKIND.  This movement brings work opportunities to homeless in Australia by teaching and supplying them with skills and equipment needed for screen printing clothing on the streets. beKIND seeks to get on the level of each individual, sit next to them in their space, and teach them to earn a living and live a higher quality of life.

  • Tarot & Astrology

    Katherine Gillies

    If you’re on Earth, you have a purpose… Did you know that you were born with a user manual for your Soul? Katherine Gillies uses tarot, astrology and human design to unlock your unique cosmic blueprint and discover your Soul’s purpose. Through deep innate knowing and straight forward practical wisdom, I help you discover your purpose, energetic blueprint and soul desires, and together we strategically map your journey to quantum leap into your highest potential so you can live your best life.


  • Lomi Lomi Massage

    Luke Mollica

    Traditional old style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage practitioner, reiki master & intuitive healer. Similar to Ka Huna, this amazing modality originating from the Hawaiian Islands & has been a part of Luke’s life for the past 5 years, this includes training on The Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional massage therapy used to help reduce anxiety, soothe muscle tension and encourage the body to eliminate toxins.Each Lomi Lomi massage stroke is from the heart & is used to awaken the Aloha spirit. When you live in the spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts.Luke`s compassionate nature gives him the ability to hold space for a client no matter what process they are going through. He has an amazing ability to intuitively understand his clients and their needs. This is why his clients always come back. Some call him The Healer’s Healer.

  • Energetic Counselling

    Michelle Nolan

    Michelle believes that combining the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga with psychology counselling theories, provides an integrative approach allowing the release of emotional pain and suffering bound within the mind, body and soul. Michelle provides space for clients to develop personal insight and a deeper connection to themselves enabling clients to move beyond cognitive understanding alone to apply depth and scope to their underlying issues. A qualified counsellor and yoga teacher, with a foundation in integrative therapy, Michelle offers a variety of alternative therapeutic modalities such as regression therapy and manifestation techniques as well as more traditional theories, meeting the client where they are at. 



  • Aroma Therapy Massage

    Tom Britten

    The possibility that the human potential is limitless, gives Tom a passionate and empowering perspective on health and healing, and has guided him on a path of exploration to understand for himself what health and healing are. He has found that receptivity to the always available flow of creative energy—through trust, alignment, breath and movement—is available to everyone through focus and intention . Dance, music, surfing, bodywork, yoga, connecting with horses and nature, bring him alignment, inspiration, replenishment and so much more.

  • Remedial & Swedish Massage

    Jodie Waters

    I’m Jodie, a massage therapist residing in Newcastle, NSW. Massage is like ice-cream – What’s your flavour? I use a range of techniques to provide an effective yet nurturing experience. I can put my remedial brain on and use trigger point tools to give relief to say tight neck and shoulders or I can use Relaxation/Lomi Lomi/ Ka Huna flows to create a more grounding/relaxing experience.

  • Zenthai Massage

    Lowen Taylor

    Yoga. Surf. Climb. Handstands. This is Low and these are a few of her favourite things. Low’s mantra is “Movement as Medicine”. Through yoga, meditation, breath work, functional body movement and ZenThai Shiatsu, Low is dedicated to enabling people to live their best lives, by getting the most out of their bodies and minds.

  • Lomi Lomi Kahuna

    Richard Peard

    Richard Peard has been practicing Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage since 2010. He is also trained in yoga therapy, counselling and shamanic practice and these support the deep healing work that he does on the table. He helps people dealing with stress, emotional recovery and pain management, helping them to move towards health, wellness and happiness with confidence.

  • Sound Healing & Aromatherapy Massage

    Tracey Keogh

    Slip into another world with the gentle massage that stimulates the bodies feel good hormones to reduce stress and increase blood flow throughout the body. Remedial Massage: Tight and Sore? This firmer massage helps to detoxify the body and reduce pain.It helps return flexibility and tone to the muscles. Sound Bath Massage:Immerse you bodying a delightful dance through the sounds of chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, gongs and drums. Your body will thank you.

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