Talk Description:

During the panel discussion Annalise Kerr will be talking to the current status of resource recovery in Australia, the opportunities available for festivals and their patrons to become involved in contributing to resource recovery, and how their actions can help enhance sustainability not only during the festival, but ongoing in their everyday lives.


Annalise’s interest in the natural environment and sustainability has driven a passion for resource recovery and renewables. As a recent graduate of environmental science, she is now working as a sustainability advisor. Her work involves supporting projects to maximize resource recovery and implementing sustainable initiatives to reduce impact across the lifecycle of the infrastructure. Volunteering with Green Music Australia has provided her with the opportunity to similarly support festivals in maximizing their sustainability.

About Green Music:

About Green Music: Green Music Australia is harnessing the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener world. We work with the music scene to deliver arts and cultural activities that are environmentally sound, and mobilise around that work to drive deep social change. We have helped over 40 festivals take major steps towards eliminating disposable water bottles and cups. We have also recruited 100+ #BYObottle artist ambassadors, including Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, and Midnight Oil – all of whom are now touring plastic bottle free. As a service provider, we have helped a number of high profile festivals and events adopt reusable products, via our Refill Not Landfill library program. In 2018, we convened a roundtable on campsite litter with industry representatives and behaviour change experts, to share knowledge and develop new ideas. We will be launching a new campsite waste campaign and festival alliance in 2019.



  • “I had such an incredible time at Lost Paradise – it was a wonderfully unique experience. Thanks again for the opportunity to attend Lost Paradise – it was one of the best festivals I’ve attended in Australia and a fabulous start to the year.”

    Sophie Dellagiacoma – Australian Traveller Magazine

  • “I had such a good time at Lost Paradise! It’s one of the coolest festivals I’ve been to. I loved playing the Lost Disco stage, the atmosphere was wicked, the decoration was class and the lit up signs the crowd brought with them, added to it too.

    After my set I went on the dancefloor with a few of my mates and saw the new year in listening to Jackmaster & Jasper James, was a memorable new year!”

    – Patrick Topping
  • “Lost Paradise was a totally unique festival, nothing like it in Australia. Thank you to everyone who made it such a beautiful place.”

  • “The thing that really makes this festival shine is without a doubt the sheer variety of acts in that world class lineup. Dense, ambitious, and not afraid to throw in a few curve balls, Lost Paradise is much more than your average doof, but a playground for all, no matter what your age or musical alignment.”

  • “After Boomtown in England this is definitely the second festival with the craziest stuff”

    – M.I.A.
  • “One of the most magical spots we’ve ever played in Oz and a night complimented by generous staff and hospitality that really looked after us. A show we’ll never forget”

  • “My favourite view from stage in the world. Doof sticks and the Australian bush, insane energy.”
    – Willaris. K
  • “Re-awaken your sense of wanderlust and adventure with the festival’s secret hideaways, glittering late night discos, and inspirational art and performance”

    No1 NYE 2017/8 Event in the World – Buzzfeed
  • As 2018 became 2019, I found myself feeling sorry for all my Sydney pals couped up in clubs and bad house parties. But also, not really. When you’ve got a festival like Lost Paradise waiting for you just down the road, why on earth would you spend your New Year’s anywhere else?”

    – Hhhappy – Bill Robinson
  • “A picturesque setting in Glenworth Valley forest, a flowing river that hugged the venue and camping grounds, and one of the most characterfully constructed settings of any festival this side of the Pacific, Lost Paradise curates its New Year celebrations in the same way it curates its lineup: with weird and wonderful indulgence.”

    -Tone Deaf
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