• Brazilian Samba Reggae

    with the Batala Percussion Project


    Let your African spirit come alive with tribal dance moves and rhythms that you can’t help but groove to. Starting with a chilled rhythm, we will warm up with stretches and start sinking into the beat of the live drumming. Progressing through a series of traditional dance moves that ignite an ancient memory of movement, finally bringing the steps together in a simple but stunning sequence and culminating in a dance circle where willing participants can strut their stuff in free-style dance ‘joda’  Suitable for experienced dancers and absolute beginners, this is a high vibration cultural immersion and we guarantee you will leave buzzing from the beats!


    About the Batala Percussion Project

    Batala’ percussion project is an afro-brazilian cultural collective that celebrates the roots and rhythms from ‘Bahia in the north east Brazil, brought to Australian shores by Bahian born Priscilla Rios.  Bahia was the first landing point for the African slaves, who insisted on keeping their culture alive, even if they had to do it in secret underground arts and music projects. Batala was founded as a part of ‘Bloco Cortego Afro’ as a means of reinstating the African heritage and traditions such as percussion, dance, arts, textiles and the well-known capoeira martial arts dance. It is a fusion of rhythms including Samba and Reggae, promoting community inclusion by uniting people from various social backgrounds, through the vibrant language of music and movement.

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