The Rise of Hobo Johnson isn’t just the biggest breakthrough album of 2017… it’s a fast fact. A few years is all it took Johnson – born Frank Lopes Jr – to go from’94 living out of a ’94 Corolla crafting laptop beats, to clocking up streams in the multi-millions, global festival hopping and more media attention than he knows what to do with.

    This powerful, poetic and slightly neurotic music-maker delivers raw and intensely relatable sentiments in a hybrid genre he created all for himself. With intense yet playful energy he speaks to a generation trying to understand itself in the midst of chaos. Hobo Johnson embraces the chaos, then throws it back to you in a perfectly placed lyric, juicy beat drop or a rasping howl at the moon.

    With tight live band the Heartbreakers in tow, Hobo Johnson is coming to you this New Year’s Eve in all his slightly unhinged performative glory, and he’s going to make you feel alive.

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