You know the name, you know the sound – their shifting beats have wafted out of backyards for decades. They were there for the raw beginnings of Australian hip hop, and took a fringe genre into the mainstream for the first time.

    Releasing multiple-times-platinum hits for breakfast and staging arena tours for dinner in 2019, the Hoods have come along way, and on the road to oz hip hop royalty they’ve given back to the scene at every turn.

    Whether you’ve only just discovered the collaboration-packed, dynamically diverse road-trip that is their eighth studio album, The Great Expanse, or you grew up bouncing to The Nosebleed Section, you’ll know that Hilltop Hoods, like the Hills Hoist or Kylie Minogue in feathers, are a quintessential part of Australia’s cultural furniture. Where better to experience them than in one of the most quintessentially Australian natural settings? Don’t miss this chance to bounce with the very best.

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