Melodies as fragile as cut glass dance over chunky, growling bass lines. Swirling, atmospheric bridges collapse into dark and dangerous electro drops savage enough to rival Justice. You must be copping the sonic wash of Australia’s own Golden Features – but don’t expect to come out clean.

    Decadent in texture and determinedly adventurous, Golden Features’ unique studio creations regularly set dance floors alight and Folks. Are. Feeling it. You don’t top Triple J playlists, grab the attention of Spotify and Mixmag, dominate at global festivals, tour the States and the UK and sell-out a Hordern Pavillion on fumes.

    Golden Features pushes the possibilities of electronica, bending bass lines to his will to create bangers, but not as you know them. With last year’s earth-shaking debut album, Sect, still ringing in our ears, there’s never been a better time to let the man in the golden mask loose on Lost Paradise.

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