We never truly knew the meaning of performance, until we saw Confidence Man unleashed upon a stage.

    Having shot forth a steady barrage of heat-seeking hi-NRG disco missiles into the airwaves these last few years, Confidence Man now has the quality discography to match the killer choreography. The group’s famous dance breaks – delivered with style, agility and deadpan facial expressions – are matched only by their funky electro-pop hooks which are splashed in reckless quantity right across their debut LP, Confident Music for Confident People. Sprinkle on some sparkling hot pants, a naughty babydoll dress and playful yet on-the-money lyrics and you’ve got yourself a portable party which has chassed across Australia, one festival at a time.

    It’s fun, it’s frisky, it might be a little bit effed-up. Whatever it is, Confidence Man is going to be fabulous.

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