• Lost Paradise
    is your hidden wonderland

Lost Paradise was born out of a life-long dream to bring together kindred spirits for a good old fashioned party amongst nature...

Festival Map

An interactive festival map will be available here in the coming months.

Dates & Location

Lost Paradise takes place on 29-30-31 December, in the beautiful sacred grounds of Glenworth Valley, around 1 hours drive north from Sydney.

Gate times as follows:

28th: 8am-8pm – entry only with extra day ticket
29th : 8am – 8pm
30th: 8am – 4pm
31st : 8am – midday
1st Jan: 8am – 2pm (exit only)
1 Jan : All campsites close at 2pm, by which time, you must be off home, with ALL of your belongings please.


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We’re into the little things that make for great experiences. A Hidden Wonderland is discovered…Dancing under the Stars. Nurtured by Nature. Sparkling Conversations by Water. Yoga in Full Flow. Acoustic Sessions. Inspirational talks. Pop-up Performances. Twinkling Pathways. Rejuvenating Massage. Disco Yurts. Twilight Parades. Electronic Alcoves. Sumptuous Feasts. Four-Poster Day-Beds. Late Night Speakeasy’s. Astounding Aerial Acrobats. Fabulous Friends. Flamboyant Spectaculars. Costumed Wonders. Outstanding Community.

Escape the norm for an adventure amongst nature.

Dive into a myriad of quirky portals indulging in music , food, art, yoga and performance. Lost Paradise is an unparalleled New Year’s experience shared with friends old and new.

Celebrate Life in all its Technicolour Glory

Lost Paradise is a music, arts, yoga, performance, food and camping experience like no other. Kindred spirits commune together for three days on the sacred grounds of Glenworth Valley, New South Wales to explore and discover new music, indulge in delicious dining, interact with visual and performance art outside a traditional setting, and celebrate life in all its technicolour glory.

There is Something at Lost Paradise for Everyone.

Lost Paradise is an entire experience. Placed in an amazing setting within a valley on ancient land known to local Indigenous elders as ‘Paradise Lost’, it showcases a brilliant line up, secret hideaways and glittering late night discos, an inspirational art and performance repertoire, spoken word and debate, a magnificent Carnival parade, culinary feasts, restorative massage, a variety of Yoga to indulge the body mind and soul and much much more. It appeals to both fans of electronic music as to nature lovers, to families with young kids as to the 30 somethings that like the finer things in life, to foodies as to folkies, funksters as to late night revellers. There is something at Lost Paradise for everyone.

Lost Paradise is a Feast for the Senses.

Across the bright canvas of Glenworth Valley is a twisting labyrinth of cubby-holes and curious corners coloured with roving performers, sporting contests and a glittering collection of art pieces and installations. Wander to the dreamscape that is the Shambhala gardens, relax, stretch and unwind by the winding stream. Meet acrobats, troubadours, belly dancers and drummers – all appearing and disappearing when you least expect it.

When the sun sets over the festival grounds, the night owls spread their feathers, emerging with a more mischievous energy and dreamt-up costumes. When the darker sounds of the night begin, a veil of mischief falls on the night – wander up to the fairy-lit trees and find some moonlight tunes at the Paradise Club, gather round a bass-filled Speakeasy, order a tray of cocktails, get distracted by the Aerial artists or find yourself lost in a row of bubbling hot tubs under a canopy of trees…

Lost Paradise is a feast for the senses. We aim to give you an amazing experience to carry with you year-round!

Quotes & Reviews

  • "All the elements are spot on – location, audience, line-up and weather. Wonderful memories of an inspirational festival."

    - Greg Wilson
  • "I remember the first time I played this festival I went for a walk around and thought, 'this is the kind of festival that if I wasn’t working at I'd go to'. Last year after I played I walked around out the front to see Motor City Drum Ensemble and my feelings were the same - I’d happily do it again..."

    - Touch Sensitive
  • "There are music festivals, then there is the mind-body-soul experience that is Lost Paradise."

    - Time Out
  • "If you're the adventurous type, being amongst the spectacular Glenworth Valley is heaven! Have a kayak... experience the spiritual realm in the Shambala tent. Throughout the festival there is always something great going on..."

    - MTV
  • "Lost Paradise changed my life. I continually chase the feeling of community and friendliness it gives me. All my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it."

    - Jack Morrison, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "You've already made Lost Paradise great! I will be spending every New Years there, thanks the fantastic memories and a wonderful start to the new year."

    - Olivia Booth, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "The food vendors last year were pretty much all you could hope for... lots of variety and not too expensive!"

    - Georgia Burns, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "Keep doing what you’re doing! Such an amazing, intimate festival. Felt like everyone there was one big family. Had a really amazing feel - everyone was supportive and comfortable and wanted each other to have a fabulous time."

    - Janice Muller, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "Bars tucked away in the forest, spa treatments, and '7,000 beautiful humans' partying to the world's best musicians: Welcome to 'Lost Paradise', Australia's answer to Coachella".

    - DailyMail
  • "Lost Paradise is committed to giving punters a distinctly boutique experience, with an attendance of 8,000 punters, all getting lost in live music from some of the world’s most original musicians, food curated by Sydney’s top chefs, and more".