Each of us has a role to play in taking care of ourselves and each other. Your wellbeing is our number one priority – without that we can’t create an epic pop-up community that we have. Party safe and take care for each other. We want you to have fun at Lost Paradise, but we also want you to be safe.  

Lost Paradise is a drug free festival and and condemns all illegal drug use. Please make sure you equip yourself and your mates with the knowledge and tools to prevent unnecessary mishaps and be armed with info to aid those who may be in need, including yourself. Keep your Lost Paradise experience a positive one by looking after yourself and friends.



We are a pop-up village, in a valley, in the middle of Summer – this requires a significant amount of planning and collaboration with the local authorities to provide a safe environment for all involved.

We have our amazing team of medics on call 24/7, operating from the Medical tent within the main festival site. We have the support of the local authorities providing vital year round consultation, planned back-up resource and operating on site during the event, including NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Ambulance and NSW Police.

We also have the DanceWize NSW crew back for 2019 and our own team of 24/7 security and event management staff who are well equiped  & experienced event professionals all working towards the common goal of a safe event.

We are all approachable and happy to assist you in any way we can so don’t hesitate to reach out. We stand for community and embrace open communication.



We’re stoked to have DanceWize NSW, NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program back again this year providing support, information and a safe space to chill.

DanceWize NSW is NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program. DanceWize NSW utilises peer education to reduce drug-and-alcohol-related harm at NSW dance parties and festivals. Our staff and volunteers attend events in order to: host a chill-out space; discuss safer drug use with peers and disseminate health resources.


What do they provide?

  • A safe space if you need to chill out, away from loud music and bright lights
  • A team of extensively trained, sober volunteers who are at the festival 24/7 to give you support
  • Substance-specific harm reduction information
  • An ear to listen
  • Condoms, dental dams, female condoms, lollipops, suncream, earplugs, water, referrals and further information about blood borne virus, STIs, police powers and your rights
  • Blankets, hot water bottles, dry clothes, tea and toast
  • Games if you need some distraction
  • Support from security and medical services if you are feeling unsafe or unwell


Read more about DanceWize


To increase your likelihood of having a great time at this beautiful festival and reduce the risk that you will experience a health disturbance, please prepare yourself by reading the following:

  1. Prepare yourself – be prepared for the weather. Bring sunscreen, hats, breathable clothing, appropriate footwear, a reliable tent and adequate  bedding.
  2. Be responsible and safe – you are in charge of your body. Know your own limits. Be gentle with yourself. Pushing your limits may result in a negative experience and can be dangerous. This part may come across a bit heavy, but we cannot stress enough how important this is: using alcohol or other drugs is never without risk.
  3. Drink water – we have free water stations all over the site. Bring a re-usable drink bottle with you and keep yourself and your mates well hydrated.
  4. Eat something every few hours – maintain a healthy balance by eating regularly and keeping those essential nutrients in your body. If you feel unwell, seek help early.
  5. Cool down and chill out – cooling down is important to prevent your body from overheating. Never continue dancing when you are not feeling well, drink water, sprinkle yourself with water and find a nice spot in the shade or head to the chill out tent at DanceWize.
  6. Apply self-care – Eat regular meals, drink water, sleep, maintain your personal hygiene and apply self-care practice to keep you going with a positive mindset!
  7. The medical tent is your friend – so is DanceWize. If you need help – do not hesitate. They will not judge you and they will not get you in trouble. Everyone on the Paradise team, including security and police, prioritises your health, safety and wellbeing. We are a community that cares for each other.
  8. Practice and promote safe sex and consent – be someone who asks, listens, and cares about consent.
  9. Love your ears – loud music is nice as you can feel it flowing through your body. To ensure you will be able to enjoy this as long as possible in life, please use earplugs.
  10. Don’t drive impaired – Never drink or take drugs and drive. When leaving the festival, make sure you are well-rested, fed, hydrated, and sober. Don’t consider driving if you are in any way fatigued.


If you see somebody in the festival grounds you suspect could be in trouble, physically or emotionally, don’t keep walking: Look After Your Mates (even those you have yet to meet).

  • Stop and ask if the person is ok,
  • Do not leave a person in distress alone at any time,
  • Send a passer-by for assistance if required,
  • Do not move a person who is physically injured,
  • Calmly reassure the patient until help arrives.
  • The loving kindness of a new friend can make the world of difference when experiencing difficult circumstances.

Check the festival map to familiarise yourself with the location of first aid, our info tent and DanceWize!

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