Where is Lost Paradise held?

Just one hour’s drive north from Sydney, on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, the event is set across the stunning backdrop of Glenworth Valley and its 300 acre estate including a stream, surrounding woodlands and encased by vast lookout points. The land is home to horses, wildlife, flora and fauna year round.

When does Lost Paradise take place?

Lost Paradise takes place December 28th – 31st 2019.

Attendees have an option to purchase either a 4 day or 3 day ticket arriving on 28th or 29th December respectively. Please ensure you have purchased the correct ticket for the date you arrive.

When do tickets go on sale?

Pre-sale tickets are on sale from 10am 19th August.

You can register for pre-sale tickets here 


General 0n sale is from 10am 20th August.

What is the offical ticket platform for Lost Paradise?

All tickets for Lost Paradise must be bought through Xtixs, Moshtix, or Festicket. Tickets bought through any other platform may not be valid.

What time can we arrive at Lost Paradise?
  • 28 December gates open 8am until 8pm
  • 29 December gates open 8am until 8pm
  • 30 December gates open 9am until 8pm
  • 31 December gates open 10am until 4pm

There is strictly NO entry outside of these times. This includes all guest lists.

  • 1 January gate exit hours are between 7am-2pm. The entire venue closes at 2pm of the 1st Jan 2020 to all attendees, who must ensure they vacate site with all of their belongings.
What time can we leave on the 1st Jan?

Lost Paradise 2019 gate exit hours on 01 Jan 2020 are between 8am – 3pm. The entire venue closes at 2pm on 1st Jan 2020 to all attendees, who must ensure they vacate site with all of their belongings.

Do I have to be over 18 to go to Lost Paradise?

Yes, as of 2019 the festival is strictly 18+ only. We are no longer accepting minors regardless of adult supervision.

Who puts on Lost Paradise?

Festival co-founders Simon Beckingham and Wade Cawood are no strangers to producing finely tuned experiences for music-lovers, foodies and culture aficionados. Cutting their teeth in the UK, Thailand and Australia with intimate club shows and unique daytime events has seen them grow to curate a number of VIVID activations, a Sydney Opera House pop-up and various music performances as well as throwing some of the most memorable underground parties Sydney has seen in recent years. Their collective passion for music, community and good times done properly is perfectly encapsulated in Lost Paradise.

Simon and Wade wish to acknowledge the traditional land owners of Glenworth Valley. Sincere appreciation for the Finely Tuned team Seb, Catriona, Nick, Lucy, Kirsty, Blair, Hayden, Nathaniel, Corrie and the many contractors, volunteers, teachers, artists and performers who contribute time, effort and a whole lotta love to make Lost Paradise happen. A special thank you to the family and management of Glenworth Valley Adventure and Horse Riding Centre.

Can I volunteer to be a part of the Lost Paradise team on site?

Yes! Apply to be a volunteer via https://forms.gle/zBfa7Lb9XNWusNn89

Who are the Earth Warriors?

The Earth Warriors are a force of elite trash hunters, conscripted to protect humanity and all lifeforms from the dangerous Waste Invasion taking place all over the world. Find out more about the legends here.


Is there plentiful free water on site?

Yes! Please bring your re-useable water container!

  1. Free water stations will be placed throughout the entire site capable of servicing the entire festival.
  2. Bottled water will be available to purchase at wholesale prices throughout the entire site but we do encourage using the free water – let’s work together to minimise single use plastic water bottles!
  3. Free drinking water will be available at all bars

As part of our sustainability program we encourage people to bring their refillable water bottles, to reduce waste.

Is there a Mobile App with a set time planner and lots of handy information including maps?

Yes, yes there is! It will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and we will add the link in here once it drops as well as posting it all over our socials.

Are single use plastic water bottles banned at Lost Paradise?

We have banned them back of house, with the exception of security – this means artists, crew, staff will be using re-useable water containers. We hope we can lead by example and encourage others to minimise single use plastic water bottles and eventually ban single use plastics in their entirety.

What items are not allowed into the festival area?

Glass, cans, alcohol, illegal drugs, skateboards, boogie boards, milk/bread crates, chairs (folding, portable, camping–these are allowed in the camping area only), anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc.), weapons of any kind, fireworks, fire twirling devices, warning flares, video and tape recording devices (smartphones are allowed), professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (use a poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, animals (other than service animals).

Can I bring my camera or sound and video recording equipment?

Smart phones, small point-and-shoot cameras are permitted but professional cameras and video and recording equipment are not.

Generally, cameras with powerful zoom lenses or detachable lenses in a carry case are not allowed. We can’t judge that beforehand. It’s up to security staff on the day, and debate will not be entered into. Unauthorized or prohibited photography may result in images being deleted by security staff.

Media and professional photographers must arrange accreditation through our publicists We Are Example Talia@weareexample.com.au

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can bring your own food with you and there will be a variety of food options throughout the festival, available to purchase during the certain times. Please note food stalls will not be open 24 hours. Opening times will be announced closer to the event date.

Are pass outs available?


No readmission permitted to festival site or campgrounds upon exiting the entire site entry/exit gates.

Where is Lost Property?

If you find or lose something – please go to the Info/Lost & Found kiosk within the main festival area.

Will the program times or artists be likely to change?

Occasionally changes occur that are out of our control. Scheduled performance times and artist line-ups are subject to change. No refund will be offered in these circumstances.

Do I have to pay or pre-book the Shambhala Fields Yoga Classes, Talks and Workshops?

No, all classes/sessions are free no booking required. We recommend you arrive ten minutes prior to session start time so you can relax into the space.

Massages, palm-reading etc. in the Healing Haven will need to be booked and payed for. Visit us when you arrive!

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

If you have a yoga mat, and would like to bring it with you to participate in sessions please do, although not essential!

Does Lost Paradise have a Fancy Dress Theme?

Yes! This year our NYE Fancy Dress theme is ‘Disco Paradiso’ (you can get inspiration from our social post). The other days aren’t themed, but most people like to create their own and dress up anyway!

I'm keen to help recycle, do I get anything in return?

To empower patrons to ‘leave no trace’, you may be offered the ability to be recycle vessels you have purchased from bars in return for a discount on other purchases at the event.

If so, you will need to return your vessel from the bar to a recycling tent located in the event village. In return for this you will receive a $1 discount off your next purchase via the cashless system.

FYI – The offering of discounts and recycling discounts is at the discretion of the promoter and can be changed at any time.  Discounts received through recycling have no cash value beyond being utilised on site as discounts whilst valid. Please note, Staff and Volunteers can not redeem discounts or use the recycling system.

What does my General Admission ticket get me?

Your 4 day or 3 day GA ticket gives you access to general camping area, a camping spot to pitch your tent and entry to the main festival area.

What is the difference between a 4-day and a 3-day GA ticket?

Your 4-day GA grants you access on the 28th Dec and your 3-day GA grants you access on the 29th Dec.

Top tip – Purchasing the 4-day GA Ticket is a pretty handy way to ensure you get first dibs on the prettiest camping spots, set yourself up with plenty of time to relax and unwind and take a wonder around to familiarise yourself with the delights of the festival. All food vendors will be fully operational and we will be throwing  the opening party to end all opening parties. A night filled with tunes and totems at the Lost Disco stage, exclusive to 4-day ticket holders. . Don’t miss out!

Are there day tickets available?

We don’t sell individual day tickets as we feel you simply can’t experience all we have to offer in just one day.

Is there a ticket re-selling site?

We strongly advise against purchasing from sites other than Lost Paradise or Pulse.

How old do I need to be to attend Lost Paradise?

Lost Paradise is an 18+ event.

What form/s of photo ID will I need to get into the festival?

Not only will you need the below Identification to get through the festival gates, the Lost Paradise entertainment precinct is a licensed area and as such you will be required to show ID to purchase alcohol. Lost Paradise will only accept the following forms of Identification:

  • Current valid Australian driver’s license (with photo)
  • Current Passport
  • Government Issued Proof of Age Card
  • Victorian Keypass
  • International Driver’s License (must contain a photograph)
Can I arrive at Lost Paradise and have a tent set up for me?

Yes! You can book a fancy tent in Glamping and gain access to the wonderful world of the Glamping Fields and all the bells and whistles or book a Rent-A-Tent and stay in our new addition to Lost Paradise, a no-frills alternative to bringing your own tent. We are trying to make your experience as seamless as possible and reduce the items headed for landfill. Join us on our crusade!

More info.

Do I need a Lost Paradise general admission festival ticket to book the Glamping or Rent-A-Tent packages?

Yes. To book Glamping options you must have already purchased a General Admission Festival ticket. Then you can book – at an additional fee – the services provided by our Glamping or Rent-A-Tent vendors here on our website, who will erect your tent or teepee, so it is ready and waiting upon your arrival at Lost Paradise. Awesome!

The number of people able to stay in your accommodation is dependent on which structure you book.

All those staying in your pre-booked accommodation must also have a Lost Paradise General Admission Festival Ticket to gain entry.

You will be given a Glamping wristband in addition to your festival wristband. You must keep these on at all times to gain access.

Depending on where you are camped it is a 5 – 10 minute walk to the main festival area.

What items are not allowed in the campground area?

Campfires, fireworks, fire twirling paraphernalia (sticks, balls etc), warning flares, alcohol, illegal drugs, skateboards, bikes, boogie boards, couches, inflatables, anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc.), weapons of any kind, fireworks, professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (bring a poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, strictly no animals. Cooking equipment, BBQ’s, flares, sparklers – nothing flammable. Glass – this includes wine glasses, jars, or any other containers or items made of glass. Glitter, stick-on single use plastic body adornments are both BANNED because they block up the water system, end up in waterways and in fish. Do you really want to contribute towards that? Neither do we! Couches, Sofas and Large Inflatables are BANNED, as is anything else you are likely to leave behind. Please take home everything you bring with you. Glenworth Valley is not a dumping ground for marquees, tents, eskies, inflatables, chairs and other discarded items. It’s a home to animals and a family, an adventure centre and a working farm. Please show consideration as you would for your own home and that of your neighbours.

There will be a security check at the gate and prohibited items will be confiscated. Seriously don’t even try your ninja moves. We are extremely thorough in our search and rescue of alcohol and other such prohibited items. We are trying to create a safe environment for all.

Lost Paradise does not take any responsibility for confiscated items.

Do I have to buy a vehicle pass as well as an event camping ticket?

Yes. To further our green incentivising we charge for car parking. Audience travel is the largest emitter of CO2 for any festival, so for us to reduce the party’s overall environmental impact, we’d love you all to;

  1. Carpool
  2. Use public transport / taxi combo
  3. Arrive by Coach- tickets coming soon!

If you are coming in a car, you will need to purchase parking pass, at the cost of $49 (only one pass needed per vehicle). If you are bringing an RV, you will need to purchase an RV pass (only one pass needed per vehicle). These are strictly limited and will sell out fast.

The above options are all an initiative to help alleviate traffic congestion. The plan is to reduce the number of cars on the road by encouraging carpooling – the more people you have in your car the cheaper this pass will be per person. It’s also better for the environment .. so WIN WIN!

Can I bring a camper trainer or camper van?

Yes. If you are bringing any vehicle or caravan to sleep in, you must pre-purchase an RV Park Pass to do so. You will not be allowed to park and sleep in the camper’s car park or the GA camping area; there is a separate area for RV / caravan camping.

How much space do we get for our campsite?

We have allocated enough space on site for each person to have approximately 3m x 3m. It’s big enough for your tent and some outdoor space, but you will be close to your neighbours. Space is at a premium, so be considerate and creative!

Are there powered sites?

Yes, however only in Glamping.

When can I arrive at Lost Paradise to set up my campsite?

If you have a 4-day ticket, from 8:00am on the 28th Dec.

If you have a 3-day ticket, from 8.00am on the 29th Dec .

Can we reserve a spot for friends to camp next to us?

To camp together you must arrive together.

Our friends are arriving in another car. Can we camp together?

You must arrive at the same time as your friends if you wish to have neighbouring campsites; which means driving in through the gates together.

Can my friends staying elsewhere visit me in the campground?

All 3 & 4 day ticket holders can enter any campground, with an exception of the Glamping area which is reserved for those who have purchased a Glamping upgrade. Those with Glamping wristbands can enter any campground.

We only want to camp one night - is it still the same price?

Yes. We only sell 3 or 4 day GA tickets with camping.

What is the security like in the camping area?

Apart from on-site Camping Marshals, there will also be security personnel. The marshals’ campsite for each area is marked with large banners. All queries and concerns should be directed to your marshals.

Should I bring bin-bags with me?

Yes, please bring enough bags to place your campsite accumulated rubbish into – a. Recyclable, b. Waste (food scraps – stuff that is compostable!) and c. Landfill are the 3 types of rubbish you might generate. Please do your utmost to place the correct items into the correct bins which will be located throughout the campgrounds and main festival site with handy signage to indicate what goes where. The more separated the items are, the greater chance we have of keeping as much as possible out of landfill.

Is it safe to leave valuables?

Despite the best efforts of our staff and security personnel, there is still a risk of theft. Please leave valuables at home, locked in a car or on you at all times or alternatively rent a locker from Bsafe Lockers in the Lost Village. There is no guarantee that your valuables will be secure and you do so at your own risk.

Can I bring my own generator?


Can I bring alcohol into the camping area?

BYO alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring fireworks into the campground?

Fireworks are totally prohibited in the camping or festival area. If you ignite fireworks you will be removed from the site and may be the subject of police action.

Are illegal drugs permitted?

No. Lost Paradise is a drug-free event.

Can I bring speakers?

Small portable speakers for your campsite are fine. Please don’t bring ghetto blasters or similar, as your neighbours may not agree with your taste of music. Leave it home and travel light, the size of your speakers will be up to the discretion of gate security.

Can we have a fire at our campsite?

Patrons are not permitted to have campfires of any type. Gas stoves are not permitted. If you light a campfire you will be removed from the site and may be the subject of police action.

Will there be toilets and showers in the campgrounds?

Yes. Shower and toilets will be brought in to service the campground. Please be considerate to the environment when using these, as there is no permanent water supply to the site, which means all water, has to be purchased and transported in and out of the site.

Can I park next to my tent?

No. In the interests of a better camping experience and to help manage space better, we’ve adopted the method used by legendary music festivals around the globe, such as Glastonbury and Roskilde, where there are no cars within the campgrounds.

Can I drive in and out of the campers carpark or RV parking area?

Once you have entered the site and your vehicle or RV is parked in their respective parking areas you cannot move your vehicle until you depart the festival.

Can I bring my tent into the RV area?

There are NO tents allowed in the RV area. The RV area is only for vehicles designed to be slept in such as campervans, or towed devices such as caravans or camper trailers. No sedans or motorbikes are allowed in the RV area.

What is DanceWize?

DanceWize NSW is NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program. DanceWize NSW utilises peer education to reduce drug-and-alcohol-related harm at NSW dance parties and festivals. Our staff and volunteers attend events in order to: host a chill-out space; discuss safer drug use with peers and disseminate health resources.


Is there an ambulance on site?

Yes, there will be an ambulance and trained emergency personnel available 24hrs. Please make yourself aware of these locations with our official event map.

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unwell?

If you feel unwell or unsafe at any time during the festival, please head to the nearest medical tent, either in the main festival site or in each campsite. Or locate the nearest security or event staff who will assist you. Your safety is our number one priority.

Will there be a police presence on site?

Yes, police will be conducting searches at entry to the festival, and will be present for the duration of the festival.

Is there a meeting point on site if I need help?

Yes, in the main festival ground head to the information desk or the medical tent. In the campground, head to one of the campsite hubs which will be clearly marked with flags or a see a member of security.

Will there be medical staff in the camp grounds?

There will be medical staff in the camp grounds who will be positioned in the North and South camp ground hubs.

Where can I find free water?

There is free water in the camp grounds close to the showers and toilets. There is also five stations within the festival site and free water is available at all bars

Who is the medical provider?

Colbrow is our medical provider

Will there be doctors on site?

Yes there will a trauma trained doctor on site 24/7

What is time to pay?

Moshtix Time to Pay allows you to book your Lost Paradise tickets ASAP and pay in monthly payments! It splits your ticket cost across 3 payments with the first happening when you place the order. Now coming to Lost Paradise is even easier!

How does it work?
  1. Grab your Lost Paradise Tickets here
  2. Select up to 8 tickets and click BUY
  3. Sign in or check out as guest
  4. Fill in ticket details and select Time to Pay as an option (BEFORE PAYING)
  5. Select payment method and click PAY NOW
What else do I need to know?

In order to utilise the Time to Pay Payment Instalment Plan you MUST OPT IN to the Payment Instalment Plan during the purchase process.  If you miss this, you will be required to pay your order in full. You cannot change the payment method and process after your order has been confirmed.

Time to Pay has an Administration Fee of $9.95. The administration fee and your first payment will be processed once you click ‘PAY NOW’. Moshtix will send you a final confirmation e-mail to your stated e-mail address when all payments have been successfully processed.

  • 1 Choose Your Tickets
  • 2 Purchase
  • 3 See you in the Valley!