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Welcome To our 5th Anniversary edition of Lost Paradise!

Our intention for your New Years spent at Lost Paradise is for you to have nothing short of an epic life-changing experience filled with fun, connection and expansion.  What you feel and experience here should last forever.

Each year we create a four-day Paradise with some fundamental guiding principles that we are proud to share – in the hope that you can better understand our motives, passions and aspirations and ultimately join us for the adventure.

We believe that having experienced the hidden wonderland that is Lost Paradise, you too will become a life-long Paridisian.

Love, All at Lost Paradise HQ x


We exist to inspire, excite and enrich your lives. Creating a community of fun-loving, music-loving, earth-loving individuals who together create the most epic energy of love, constant smiles and good times! We curate with an open heart, an experimental ear and an ambitious vision which drives us to evolve Lost Paradise annually to be more incredible than ever before and leave you with your mind blown, soul touched and hearts on fire for the year ahead.


Everyone is invited to be part of the Lost Paradise community and celebrations. Your participation is as vital as the artists, performers and teachers and team behind the scenes. We aim to throw open minds to new experiences and ideas. We applaud acts of kindness, and hope to be the setting for new friendships and interactions.


We’re passionate about nature and sustainability. Lost Paradise is inspired by, and woven through the unbelievable landscape we call home. Our drawing board is a stunning valley which is home to horses, flora and fauna plus a gorgeous waterway throughout site connected to the Hawkesbury River.


Have fun, take care of yourself, your friends, your neighbours and anyone you feel may need a friend at that given moment. Being a good Paridisian is all of this and of equal importance, actively respecting and protecting the land upon which we gather to celebrate. This means no littering, ensuring you take everything you bring to Lost Paradise away with you and disposing of items no longer required, correctly, off-site. Let’s keep paradise clean and green together.


Lost Paradise has a broad and unique programme that celebrates each offering with equal significance.

Everything you find in your hidden wonderland is brought to you with love and passion.

It’s all for you.


On behalf of the entire Lost Paradise team and the family and management of Glenworth Valley, we wish you a very happy new year and thank you for your co-operation in making this our biggest, best and greenest Lost Paradise yet.


Simon Beckingham,

Founder, Lost Paradise


PSA: There is no planet b and there is zero tolerance for anti-sustainability behaviour at Lost Paradise. All of us want to protect the planet. Reducing single use plastics and waste going to landfill is part of the vision of sustainability. We banned plastic straws, un-eco packaging from food vendors and bottled water back of house for staff. We use nifty rented re-useable tents from rent-a-tent and encourage you to invest in a tent you too will re-use year on year, or consider an Eco-Tent rental or Glamping option. As a collective we must agree that we will not tolerate abuse of the land, disrespect of each others personal space and living environment (temporary or not!) and lack of consideration for the creatures and plants that thrive year round in the valley. It is absolutely not ok to leave rubbish strewn on the ground, leave tents behind or urinate in the waterways. We’ll be calling out this kind of behaviour and acting upon anything deemed to cause offence to the majority of earth-lovin’ legends at Lost Paradise.

Paradisian Code of Conduct ~ Keeping Lost Paradise Safe, Green and Clean

We don’t take sustainability or safety lightly. We acknowledge that it takes each and every one of us to radically participate in cleaning up after ourselves and leaving places in a better state than we possibly find them in as well as looking after ourselves and each other. The following forms part of our terms and conditions of entry to the festival;




1. I will model behaviour to ensure our slice of paradise remains safe, green and clean. Actively respecting and protecting the land upon which we celebrate by placing unwanted items in the bins, recycling, keeping my campsite tidy, calling out those who do not participate in the collaborative efforts of Paradisians.


2. I will have fun, take care of myself, my friends, my neighbours and anyone who may need a friend at any given moment.  I will stay hydrated, protected from the elements and take rest when appropriate.

The Earth Warriors join Paradisians to fight the war on waste together!

The Earth Warriors will be out in force at Lost Paradise, mounting daily campsite cleanups and dance-floor patrols to make sure no Waste Invaders are allowed to escape. In particular, a D-Day campaign will be launched at the festival close to make sure no Waste Contamination is left behind. This includes large-scale Invaders such as tents, eskys, marquees and other abandoned resources. All operations will all be launched from E.W. HQ, the homebase where all Earth Warriors are supercharged with sustainable workshops, events and jams.

Meet Green Connect, waste removal legends

Green Connect are a non-profit organisation championing the reduction in landfill across a number of projects, including Lost Paradise. Last year, Green Connect kept 2653 tonnes of waste out of landfill across all of their projects nationwide.   They grew and distributed 20,628kg of chemical free food   Employed 106 former refugees and young people!


We think thats pretty awesome.   At Lost Paradise, the Green Connect team are on-site cleaning the entire festival and campgrounds pretty much around the clock – thats no mean feat! please help them out by keeping your rubbish bagged and split into recycling or waste and placing it in the designated areas for collection within the campgrounds – these will be clearly marked out for ease of access.

Cup/Can recycling made easy with a nice little discount on your next bevvie, win!

To empower patrons to leave no trace, our recycling scheme offers the ability to recycle vessels you have purchased from the bars in return for a discount on other purchases at the event.   Simply return your vessel from the bar to a recycling tent located in the event village. In return for this you will receive a $1 discount off your next purchase via the cashless system.   Win-Win.. clean site, discounts, smiles all round!!

Love thy neighbour

Here at LP HQ we’re filled with gratitude, here to create an epic experience, populated by a community of like-minded fun-loving earth dwellers. What is your intention? Take a moment to think about the power of your presence, the impact you can have on yours and others festival experience – a kind word, a helpful manoeuvre, a friendly smile or check-in, a greeting to your neighbours in the campgrounds. We’re all going to get pretty familiar with each other during these four days and nights – Keeping your space clean, safe and approachable will foster so many more positive encounters!

Eco-Camping, an affordable alternative

Tents being left behind at festivals worldwide is endemic. Its reflective of the era of convenience we find ourselves in. This throwaway culture has got to STOP! This year we’re introducing a brand new camping concept to Lost Paradise; Eco-Camping. You hire a high quality budget tent with or without a mattress/bedding and simply arrive to site and leave site without needing to set up your own tent. We even have recyclable cardboard tents from eco-friendly KarTents which you can customise by drawing on the exterior! These get recycled on completion of the festival. Head on over to our Eco-Camping section of the website to check out the offerings.

Car-pooling and coach transportation

Its no secret the biggest culprit of havoc to the environment is CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Besides curating a line-up that comprises largely of local acts, meaning less international flight hours being clocked up, we pride ourselves on our wonderful track record of averaging 3.6 people per car coming into site! Well done guys – we know you care about the environment and the more car-pooling. the better – even better is taking up the ticketed coach transportation available to and from the festival from our friends at Urban Legends coach service. Visit the info section and head to getting there to find out more

Don't be a tosser - Bin your butts!

Don’t let even small seemingly biodegradable ciggy / rollie butts hit the ground. Dropping litter is a mentality that creates social norms. We are in the midst of bush fire season so its not a good idea to throw anything flammable anywhere in our neck of the woods.

Dance Floor Clean-ups

Seasoned festival goers will know the drill with Dancefloor Clean Ups. Being green is fun as well as rewarding! Our mates the Earth Warriors will be switching up the music several times during the festival to a special clean-up song that you won’t be able to get out of your head! This is the cue for you to grab a bag, fill it up with any waste in your proximity et voila! We got ourselves a clean(er) d’floor, a perfectly space for all the barefoot ravers. 

Chatting rubbish

Right! Get up to speed on what goes where once you are done with it – to make life easier we have our handy colour coded bins located all around the festival. These are bins for separate materials as follows; Yellow recycling bins for cans and plastic bottles. Green compost bins for food, food packaging and cutlery. Red landfill bins for a total waste of natural resources.

Festival Vision 2025

Festival Vision: 2025 is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry. It was conceived as part of The Show Must Go On report, a festival industry response to the 2015 global climate change talks in Paris.

As festival organisers we know how to create unforgettable experiences and how to inspire people. We know how to get things done in challenging circumstances and we are accomplished at communicating with audiences.

It is well within our reach to turn our industry into an exemplar of environmental responsibility. We can make a vital and significant contribution to a future that we want our children to inherit.

Festival organisers working with their many and diverse partners, from concessions to the supply chain, contractors, charities and brands, can provide leadership for what is perhaps the most important conversation of our time.”  The Show Must Go On report, Powerful Thinking

Lost Paradise has taken the Festival Vision 2025 Pledge!

We aim to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual GHG emissions by 2025. As a participating festival, we will put measures in place to achieve this, such as:

  • Reducing waste where possible and aiming for 50% (or more) recycling rates by 2025.
  • Reducing reliance on fossil fuels where possible and aiming to reduce annual diesel consumption by 50% (or more) by 2025.
  • Working with audiences, suppliers and artists to positively influence travel choices and reduce travel-related emissions.
  • Working with the supply chain to improve accountability and the sustainability of food sourcing.
  • Working together as an industry to share experiences (positive and negative) about changes we make, sharing best practice and working toward industry standards where appropriate.
  • Measuring key impacts using credible methods in order to measure progress.
  • Sharing information to enable (anonymous) annual reporting for the industry e.g. working with Powerful Thinking and other closely affiliated organisations such as Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Festival.

Harm Minimisation

Each of us has a role to play in taking care of ourselves and each other. Number one priority has to be safety – without that we can’t create an epic pop-up community of over 15,000 people. Please make sure you equip yourself and your mates with the knowledge and tools to prevent unnecessary mishaps and be armed with info to aid those who may be in need, including yourself.

DanceWize NSW crew are here for you

We’re stoked to have DanceWize NSW, NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program at this years Lost Paradise providing support, information and a safe space to chill.

DanceWize NSW is NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program. DanceWize NSW utilises peer education to reduce drug-and-alcohol-related harm at NSW dance parties and festivals. Our staff and volunteers attend events in order to: host a chill-out space; discuss safer drug use with peers and disseminate health resources.


What do they provide?

  • A safe space if you need to chill out, away from loud music and bright lights
  • A team of extensively trained, sober volunteers who are at the festival 24/7 to give you support
  • Substance-specific harm reduction information
  • An ear to listen
  • Condoms, dental dams, female condoms, lollipops, suncream, earplugs, water, referrals and further information about blood borne virus, STIs, police powers and your rights
  • Blankets, hot water bottles, dry clothes, tea and toast
  • Games if you need some distraction
  • Support from security and medical services if you are feeling unsafe or unwell


A message to you from our friends at DanceWize NSW;

“Hello Paradise-Dwellers! Thank you for being such an exuberant bunch! We are from DanceWize NSW and we are harm-reduction obsessed doofers and festival goers just like you, who have volunteered to help out this weekend. If you feel unwell, a bit sideways, have that friend who looks a bit wonky, or just want some peace of mind, keep an eye out for us in our blue shirts. We are here to attend, to teach and to support you in your festival endeavours. We are located next to Medical with a lovely chill space, and a huge number of educational resources, and we have checkpoints in the campgrounds as well. We are here to support you, no matter what you’re going through. We think of ourselves as a wolfpack , and in a wolf pack the most vulnerable are brought to the front for safekeeping. For us, no wolf is left behind. Now get out there and have yourselves a wicked weekend!”

Stay Hydrated! Free water = less single use plastic.

The fact is we’re in the middle of a pretty hefty drought and it can get hot in the valley across the new year. It goes without saying but we’re gonna state the bloody obvious – Please stay hydrated and drink at least 1-2 litres of water per day, bare minimum. Bring a re-useable water container with you to refill regularly from the multiple free water stations throughout the campgrounds and festival main site.

Services on site - we're here to support

We are a pop-up village, in a valley, in the middle of Summer – this requires a significant amount of planning and collaboration with the local authorities to provide a safe environment for all involved. .. We have our amazing team of medics on call 24/7, operating from the Medical tent within the main festival site. We have the support of the local authorities providing vital year round consultation, planned back-up resource and operating on site during the event, including NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Ambulance and NSW Police. Add to this the DanceWize NSW crew and our own team of 24/7 security and event management and that is a lot of experienced event professionals all working towards the common goal of a safe event. We are all approachable and happy to assist you in any way we can so don’t hesitate to reach out. We stand for community and embrace open communication.

The Red Tent

Red Tent embodies an ethos of cooperation; women working together to help one another.

The Red Tent is there to offer a comfortable space for women to retreat to, and to honour their cycle. Program throughout the day will include:


Women’s circles

Shamanic drum journeys

Wisdom of the cycles tutorials

Craft activities

Holding space for women who are on their cycle

BSAFE Lockers - Secure your belongings!

With our handy cashless system there’s no need to lug your cash around with you. You can keep your $$ and your keys, phone and other valuables safely stored in the Lost Village via BSAFE Lockers – a handy on-site rental locker solution.


Cultural Connection

Our Boardi space, located within Shambhala Fields, is the Aboriginal and cultural area of Lost Paradise. It is the spiritual centre of the festival, connecting everything at Lost Paradise to the sacred Peats Ridge Valley in which we are being held. Lost Paradise is passionate about acknowledging the first nations people of this country and are deeply grateful for their participation and willingness to share knowledge with us and everyone who comes to the festival. The Boardi space will have ongoing activities all day, where we recreate an authentic community atmosphere. Join us for an immersive cultural experience. 

Lost Paradise is proud to host a special Indigenous Opening Ceremony on the 29th of December on our main stage, Arcadia and we welcome all Paradisian’s to join us in paying respect to the traditional land owners.

To view the full program as and when it is added to the website, please click here


  • “I had such an incredible time at Lost Paradise – it was a wonderfully unique experience. Thanks again for the opportunity to attend Lost Paradise – it was one of the best festivals I’ve attended in Australia and a fabulous start to the year.”

    Sophie Dellagiacoma – Australian Traveller Magazine

  • “I had such a good time at Lost Paradise! It’s one of the coolest festivals I’ve been to. I loved playing the Lost Disco stage, the atmosphere was wicked, the decoration was class and the lit up signs the crowd brought with them, added to it too.

    After my set I went on the dancefloor with a few of my mates and saw the new year in listening to Jackmaster & Jasper James, was a memorable new year!”

    – Patrick Topping
  • “Lost Paradise was a totally unique festival, nothing like it in Australia. Thank you to everyone who made it such a beautiful place.”

  • “The thing that really makes this festival shine is without a doubt the sheer variety of acts in that world class lineup. Dense, ambitious, and not afraid to throw in a few curve balls, Lost Paradise is much more than your average doof, but a playground for all, no matter what your age or musical alignment.”

  • “After Boomtown in England this is definitely the second festival with the craziest stuff”

    – M.I.A.
  • “One of the most magical spots we’ve ever played in Oz and a night complimented by generous staff and hospitality that really looked after us. A show we’ll never forget”

  • “My favourite view from stage in the world. Doof sticks and the Australian bush, insane energy.”
    – Willaris. K
  • “Re-awaken your sense of wanderlust and adventure with the festival’s secret hideaways, glittering late night discos, and inspirational art and performance”

    No1 NYE 2017/8 Event in the World – Buzzfeed
  • As 2018 became 2019, I found myself feeling sorry for all my Sydney pals couped up in clubs and bad house parties. But also, not really. When you’ve got a festival like Lost Paradise waiting for you just down the road, why on earth would you spend your New Year’s anywhere else?”

    – Hhhappy – Bill Robinson
  • “A picturesque setting in Glenworth Valley forest, a flowing river that hugged the venue and camping grounds, and one of the most characterfully constructed settings of any festival this side of the Pacific, Lost Paradise curates its New Year celebrations in the same way it curates its lineup: with weird and wonderful indulgence.”

    -Tone Deaf
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