• Your hidden wonderland
    Escape to nature this New Years
  • Party on the cusp of 2017
    with friends old and new
  • Escape to the valley
    reconnect to your true nature
  • Immerse yourself in music, art, food & yoga
    Community lovingly wrapped in nature
  • Realise your deepest music dreams
    Lost Disco brings the bass
  • Your New Years escape
    Lovingly wrapped in nature

Who's playing

Lovingly curated for our tribe of passionate music lovers, this year’s eclectic line-up presents layer upon layer of live, electronic, indie, dance, techno and indie-rock performances spread across three entire days and nights within three distinct spaces to stir and delight the connoisseur of beats within each of us.

Tickets & Extras


Your passport to paradise


Luxury bathed in nature's beauty

Lost Feast

Hunter Gatherer presents Lost Feast

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious!

Experiences & Activities

Connect to your tribe with an array of fun activities

Quotes & Reviews

  • "All the elements are spot on – location, audience, line-up and weather. Wonderful memories of an inspirational festival."

    - Greg Wilson
  • "I remember the first time I played this festival I went for a walk around and thought, 'this is the kind of festival that if I wasn’t working at I'd go to'. Last year after I played I walked around out the front to see Motor City Drum Ensemble and my feelings were the same - I’d happily do it again..."

    - Touch Sensitive
  • "There are music festivals, then there is the mind-body-soul experience that is Lost Paradise."

    - Time Out
  • "If you're the adventurous type, being amongst the spectacular Glenworth Valley is heaven! Have a kayak... experience the spiritual realm in the Shambala tent. Throughout the festival there is always something great going on..."

    - MTV
  • "Lost Paradise changed my life. I continually chase the feeling of community and friendliness it gives me. All my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it."

    - Jack Morrison, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "You've already made Lost Paradise great! I will be spending every New Years there, thanks the fantastic memories and a wonderful start to the new year."

    - Olivia Booth, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "The food vendors last year were pretty much all you could hope for... lots of variety and not too expensive!"

    - Georgia Burns, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "Keep doing what you’re doing! Such an amazing, intimate festival. Felt like everyone there was one big family. Had a really amazing feel - everyone was supportive and comfortable and wanted each other to have a fabulous time."

    - Janice Muller, Lost Paradise tribe
  • "Bars tucked away in the forest, spa treatments, and '7,000 beautiful humans' partying to the world's best musicians: Welcome to 'Lost Paradise', Australia's answer to Coachella".

    - DailyMail
  • "Lost Paradise is committed to giving punters a distinctly boutique experience, with an attendance of 8,000 punters, all getting lost in live music from some of the world’s most original musicians, food curated by Sydney’s top chefs, and more".